Lively Stone Press is not self-publishing. It is a partnership that offers you these first-class services:

Complete publishing package

  • Lively Stone Press will help you get your story artfully and strategically published because you have an incredible story to share with the world.
  • Message Development Strategy – We will help you think through the right way to shape and share your story.
  • Complete editorial and design services – You do not want a brilliant message published in a half-baked way. Our editorial and design services give you the assurance of a quality, professionally produced book.
  • You retain all the rights to your message.
  • Books are published in print and digital formats.
  • You earn royalties and deep discounts for you as the author.


– We follow a unique process that takes you through a 4-step story process. We take the time needed to help you define your story. Don’t think you have a story? We think you do! You probably have never had a team like ours to work with you to mine the truly engaging, winsome, compelling, and unique aspects about what you do, who you are, and what you offer.


– Need help with writing your story? We have a team of ghostwriters who will help you create your story by interviewing you, taking what you create and adding to it based on your desires and purpose in writing the book. You are the author, your name is on the book, but the writing is done by someone else using your input.

Marketing and Distribution

– Marketing is your nuclear business card. Our marketing, publicity, and distribution is aggressive in a way that helps you not only get in front of your existing and prospective audience and donors, but our nationwide distribution team will also get your message in front of a new audience and new donors.